Double Dhamaal Team Goes Amok with Sanjay Dutt's Segway

Sanjay Dutt's Segway PT was a source of thrills on the set of Indra Kumar's comedy Double Dhamaal, headlining Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, Kangana Ranaut and Mallika Sherawat.

The Segway PT, a US product, is a two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle. The name "Segway" is a homophone of "segue" (a smooth transition, literally Italian for "follows") while "PT" denotes personal transporter.

The gadget lover that he is, Sanjay Dutt had recently purchased a Segway that he always keeps in his vanity van. It was just a matter of time before Sanjay's boisterous co-stars in the film - Arshad, Riteish, Ashish and Jaaved – stumbled on Dutt's secret. When they did, the Segway became anyone's and everyone's property. Even the director and crew members wanted to try it.

Soon, everyone had perfected the art of riding it. Indra Kumar even performed some of his directorial duties mounted on it.

Segway PT, a common site on US airports and corporate buildings, was made popular by Kevin James in his 2009 crime comedy Paul Blart: Mall Cop in which he is a mall security guard who makes his rounds riding a Segway PT.

Double Dhamaal is a sequel to 2007 comedy Dhamaal. The film is due in theaters on June 10.

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