Elizabeth Taylor Had A Secret Love Child

Her life had enough drama to rival a Hollywood potboiler and a month after the death of matinee queen Elizabeth Taylor another twist has been added to her legend, the existence of a secret love child.

The Cleopatra star was forced to give up her first child, a baby girl named Norah, according to psychic and self-proclaimed Taylor confidant John Cohan, reported New York Post online.

Cohan claims that Taylor had been a client of his since the 1960s and told him he could not reveal the secret until after her death.

“She revealed a secret that’s haunted her for years. A child out of wedlock. The studio and her mother gave baby Norah away,” Cohan told the newspaper.

The actress was forced to give away the child as she did not know who the father was, said Cohan.

“Money was exchanged. Living in Ireland, the child, resenting the mother who gave her up, wanted nothing to do with Elizabeth. Having been with three men, Elizabeth was not sure of the father,” he added.

Taylor, who died on March 23 at the age of 79, was famously married eight times and had four children.

She had two sons Christopher , 55, and Michael , 57, with her second husband, British actor Michael Wilding.

She had a daughter, Liza, 53, with her third husband, film producer Michael Todd.

The Oscar winning actress also adopted a two-year-old girl from Germany, Maria, now 49, while married to fourth husband Eddie Fisher.

The bulk of her fortune will go to her four children with the proceeds of her best-selling perfumes being donated to her favourite AIDS charities.
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