Katrina Kaif Miffed by Prakash Jha's Praise of Deepika Padukone

Katrina Kaif Miffed

rakash Jha went overboard praising Deepika Padukone over Twitter on April 28, of all things about the speed with which she dubbed for her role in Aarakshan.

"Yesterday, last day of dub with @deepikapadukone She finished dubbing in record time! #only4days #aarakshan," he tweeted.

Now, the time taken to dub for a role would depends on factors such as the length of the role, the depth of emotions to be portrayed, the extent of preparation by the actor, etc. So, what exactly did Jha mean by record time? How many days should she have taken, or would another star have taken?

Some of Jha's Twitter fans wondered whether there was more to his tweet than was immediately evident.

Apparently, not just Jha's Twitter fans, even Katrina Kaif wondered whether Jha was trying to say something more. Unlike Jha's Twitter fans Katrina's concerns were more legitimate, because, hold your breath, she had taken 40 days to dub for her role in Rajneeti!

The last thing Katrina wants is a comparison between her and Deepika, considering they share an ex!

A source tells us, Katrina actually picked up the phone and called Jha to express her displeasure.

While we don't know what transpired during the phone conversation, we are sure Jha, a relative newcomer on Twitter, who become active on the social networking site just a fortnight back, has learnt a valuable lesson about being on a public platform – there is peril even in praise.

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