Adah Sharma: Miss Unconventionality

Her looks, style, sense of humor, or intellect, there is nothing conventional about 1920 star Adah Sharma, cover girl for StyleSpeak's April issue.

Speaking to the magazine for their cover story, Adah came through as ..err unconventional.

Funny, unpretentious, cerebral, flippant, even goofy, but always endearingly honest.

For example, asked how she ended up in Bollywood, Adah started off by channeling the diva in her.

"I was born to be a star here! I auditioned for 1920 and got selected," she said.

Before turning brutal honest, "I did face a lot of rejection daily before I finally got my break. It was usually concern over my unconventional looks."

Her honesty comes with a sense of humor, that manifests itself as that ever present twinkle in her eye.

Asked if she was happy with her performance in her debut film 1920, Adah said:

"I'm a huge critic of me so when I watch my performance I always think I could have sounded better here or touched up my makeup before this shot. But yes I got a role to die for and the critics and audience loved it so I'm thrilled.

The political correctness, followed by honesty, wear off and the funny girl suddenly surfaces.

"I got to speak like a demure girl and a brash man in my debut. I have unlimited energy so it was awesome!" she adds.

Here are some more answers from our Miss Unconventionality:

The three things about her teen days that would surprise us?

"I had a unibrow which will grow back now as well if I allow it to. I wore only black loose t-shirts and anti fit jeans. .I always topped my class."

Her spa routine?

"I have never been to a spa. It's very difficult for me to sit still. I have had one foot massage in bangkok."

"My water bottle and a smile. The smile must stay on even if I have forgotten the water bottle!"

What she enjoy most about fashion?

"The thing I enjoy most about fashion Is that it let's me change my mind everyday. I love wearing strange combinations."

Her current workout regime?

"Cartwheels and dance. I have been a pure vegetarian for the past 7 lifetimes. Not eating other animals helps."

Her Summer Skin Care regimen?

"Have a shower. If you don't you will smell. Avoid the sun when you can."

Five things about her that will surprise us?

"I whistle really well, I converse with the cuckoo every morning. I mimic almost every actor from the film industry, I can perform a really raunchy dance number with extreme panache. My crow gori is my neighbor who visits 5 times a day. I can produce tears on command, redden my eyes too and you can give me a time frame, 4 seconds onward for a tear to drop."

That is actually six things. All of which we would love to see her do, starting with the raunchy dance number.

See what we mean? That is Adah Sharma for you!

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