The Bachelor Reality Show

The Bachelor Reality Show

When ABC revealed “The Bachelorette” it was too late. “The Bachelor” had already undone all the work of the Women’s Movement and no pale female equivalency show could stop it.

“The Bachelor” is a show about one man trying to pick his wife from a gaggle of virtually identical bimbos and aspiring news anchorwomen who vie and connive for the heart of this stranger who has been picked out for them by a television network.

It seems pretty clear that they’re after the fame and money — after all, ex-Bachelors and Bachelorettes have gone on to “Dancing with the Stars.” However, the show claims to be about the love and respect of one man and one woman.

In one season, Bachelor Jake Pavelka lost a potential bride when she had an affair with a male crew member of the show. The crew member was fired and the contestant publicly shamed and kicked off the show. Oh that’s right, only the man is allowed to sleep with everyone. The women are just supposed to wait for their turn and fight with each other. Thanks Susan B. Anthony… For nothin’!

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