Christina Aguilera Still Hates Lady Gaga

Christina Aguilera And Lady Gaga

In case you were wondering: The Pope isn’t the only pint-sized star with a less than favorable opinion of pop impressaria Lady Gaga.

Christina Aguilera never did appreciate those comparisons between herself and The Gagalicious One — She once famously branded the “Poker Face” star “a man…” — and even a gig on NBC’s first hit show in years have subsided the “Fighter” hitmaker’s contempt for the envelope-pushing star. Word on the Curb has it that a taping of her new talent show, The Voice, was recenlty disrupted when she snapped and launched into a “Full Bitch Mode” about her pop rival allegedly stealing her steal.

Unfortunately for us, we’ll never get to see the tirade because the show’s producers deemed it too catty for public consumption. Drats!

“Christina told a contestant she was 10 times better than Gaga, said her rival was annoying – and expressed her amazement that Gaga ever got famous,” an insider blabs on the pages of the May 16 issue of The National Enquirer. “It caused quite a scene, and producers insisted on reshooting the segment.”

Xtina’s no stranger to feuds with fellow celebs. After all, she famously sparred with rapper Eminem and rock princess Kelly Osbourne early in her career. As it turns out, the recent divorcee, 30, has also been ruffling a few feathers on set. Apparently, Aguilera isn’t too popular with crewmembers on The Voice. In fact, one staffer describes the Grammy winner as “a bitter person with an axe to grind about everything,” adding that the singer’s on-camera cursing requires constant censorship.

“She’s like a bitter old woman trapped in a 30-year-old’s body!” adds the insider. “Everyone else is having a blast on the show, but Christina seems upset all the time. It’s clear this job is not where she wants to be at this stage of her career.”

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