Christina Aguilera Talks New Album on Jimmy Kimmel, Gets Wasted Later

Christina Aguilera was spotted being escorted out of The Beverly nightclub in Beverly Hills, looking wasted, by boyfriend Matthew Rutler on Thursday, May 26.

Christina's signature red lipstick was smudged, her eyes looked vacant and she was wobbly on her feet.

Matthew, 25, also had red lipstick smudged on his lips suggesting a heavy make out session with the 30-year-old singer and a lot of drinking.

The couple had hit the Hollywood hotspot after a romantic dinner date at Italian restaurant, Mozza Osteria.

Earlier in the day, Christina had appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show where she told the host that she was recording a new album.

She was talking about her three-year-old son Max when she referred to the album.

"I took him to the studio the other day, I was recording back in the studio again." Xtina told the host.

Christina first mentioned the album when appearing on Jay Leno.

Christina and Rutler were both arrested on March 1and booked at the West Hollywood Sheriff's station at 2.45am; Christina for public intoxication and Rutler for DUI.

Later, the charges were dropped against both of them; In Rutler's case because his blood alcohol level was found to be 0.6, well under the 0.8 limit in California.

Interestingly, before their March 1 brush with the law, the couple had dined at Mozza Osteria, the same eatery they dined at on Thrusday.

According to Us Magazine, three days after her arrest too Christina had got wasted at Mozza Osteria.

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