Crew Jumps Ship On Bieber Japanese Tour

Bieber Japanese Tour

Mutiny on the S.S.S. Biebs! Teen pop star Justin Bieber is determined to perform in Japan this month — with or without his crew, who are refusing to travel to the Asian nation due to the nuclear crisis plaguing the country following last month’s devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Bieber is scheduled to perform concerts in Osaka and Tokyo in just two weeks, but many of the teen’s crew have refused to travel with him, fearing the cancer risks that could be facing them from tsunami-damaged Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant. People living closest to the plant have been evacuated at the government’s insistence. The “Baby” singer, however, has put his foot down, saying he’s going to Japan with or without them. If he doesn’t have enough people to set up the planned stadium gigs the singer is prepared to perform at smaller venues, including homeless shelters.

Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun ordered the hesitant travelers to “Man the f*ck up and do the right thing by these kids” during a recent staff meeting, reported last week. Braun said Justin will not disappoint his Japanese Beliebers by failing to show for his May 17 performance in Osaka and his Tokyo concert two days later. He also pointed to other musical acts, such as Maroon 5, who are moving forward with its May tour of Japan after branding fears about radiation unwarranted.

“5 shows left of this leg of the #myworldtour! Manila, Hong Kong, Taipei, Osaka and Tokyo! Like I said…we are going to JAPAN! #supportjapan,” the 17-year-old crooner Tweeted on Sunday.

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