Jay Mohr Nikki Cox Welcome Son Meredith

Jay Mohr Nikki

Meredith?! Jay Mohr and Nikki Cox returned to the days of Little House on the Prairie and Home on the Range when they selected the moniker Meredith Daniel for their first son together, born in Los Angeles on Thursday.

It’s true, Meredith is a unisex name; however we’d still like suggest that Jay and Nikki invest in karate lessons and a good protective cup for boy once he hits puberty.

“We are over the moon, filled with joy and every other cliché new parents use. He’s perfect.” the new parents said in a statement shortly after Baby Meredith’s arrival.

Cox, 32, is best known for her work on TV’s Las Vegas and Unhappily Ever After. Mohr, 40, has appeared in the films Jerry Maguire, Suicide Kings, and Picture Perfect. The couple have been married for more than four years.

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