Jennifer Aniston Changes Hair Color

Jennifer Aniston Hair Color
Yes, the one whom we have grown to adore as a blue-eyed and blonde-locked beauty has gone brunette overnight – for job’s sake.

As required for her role in the new comedy Horrible Bosses, Jennifer Aniston, 42, has primed herself up to be a dark-haired dentist. Only she has no intention to sport her new hair color outside the shooting site. The actress’ colorist Michael Canale warned her fans through Us Weekly that the radical color change is to be strictly limited to her role. And Canale knows everything there is to know about Aniston’s hair, having been her colorist for 15 years. He is the one who has the actress’s hair history at his fingertips month by month (he is there to watch over her hair at least once a month).

They had started with a medium brown, he recounted to Us, proceeding to a golden brown, then brighter highlights had been added. It was a gradual journey towards the wonderful blond hue we all know.

As for Horrible Bosses – also featuring Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell, and Jason Bateman – the new role places even higher demands on Aniston than merely a color change. As an inside source spilled, her dentist will be into sexual harassment of a male employee played by Charlie Day – so much into it as to lure him with her bare breasts. The scene has already been filmed, only it’s still a question whether the producers will actually want it in the film.

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