Justin Bieber Cyber Bullying PSA

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has agreed to record a public service announcement warning his legion of teen fans on the dangers of cyber-bullying in order to resolve charges filed against his manager following that frenzy in New York Mall in Oct. 2009.

The Bieb will appear as the guest of honor in a message teaching students in Long Island, New York about curbing online taunting as part of a deal to settle misdemeanor charges filed in Nassau County against manager Scott Braun after a Bieber personal appearance went haywire nearly two years ago. The case stemmed from an incident when thousands of unruly girls turned up at a Long Island clothing store to see the teen pop star sign autographs. Bieber’s Twitter tweet announcing he was on his way to Roosevelt Field Mall triggered a mob of more than 3,000 fans poring into the area. Police had not been expecting the massive crowd and ordered the event cancelled. Def Jam Records executive James Roppo was arrested after police said he refused to help disperse the crowd. Months later, New York cops also pressed child endangerment charges against Braun. raun was not at the mall, but police said that when reached by phone he initially refused an order to send out a Twitter message to Bieber’s overzealous fans, alerting them that the singer would not appear.

After Bieber agreed to lend his famous face to the PSA, prosecutors agreed to drop all charges pending in the case. In an interview with Newsday, Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice said she was happy with the outcome.

“To have someone like Justin Bieber, who is emulated by kids his age across the world, educating people about the dangers of cyberbullying – that’s invaluable,” she said.

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