Lady Gaga Bans Ice From Concert Venues

Lady Gaga Bans Ice

She’s masqueraded as everything from Kermit the Frog to a hard-broiled egg and a slab of beef jerky, but “Cool as an Ice Cube” is one ensemble wacky costume lover Lady Gaga is in no rush to shimmey into.

We hear the “Judas” star — who confesses struggling with feelings of inferority during her upcoming HBO concert special — is so terrified that fans will pelt her with ice during live shows the she includes the order “No Ice!” with the list of demands she hands over to venue bosses. A Gaga rider, obtained by, has revealed that the singer requests that all concert venues on her sold-out Monster Ball Tour stop serving ice with their drinks at least a half hour before she takes to the stage. You know — just in case fans decide to get rowdy and hurl a few cubes at her beehive during the show.

The document also details the pop star’s super-strict security system. She travels with her own group of bodyguards — dubbed The Lady Gaga Advance Security.

Additionally, Gaga’s rider requests reveal the waify star’s obsession with healthy eating: Lady G likes to snack on smoothies, dried fruity, natural yoghurt, and low-fat cereals.

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