‘Luv Ka The End’ is really about Shenaz’s revenge

Former MTV ‘It girl’ Shenaz Treasurywala who has written the script of ‘Luv Ka The End’, says that the Yash Raj film is autobiographical.Just like the character played by Shraddha Kapoor in this teen comedy, Shenaz was cheated by her ex-boyfriend and she too plotted revenge like the protagonist. “Every character in the film is an exaggeration of someone I know. Luv Nanda (the character played by newcomer Taaha Shah in the film) is an ex-boyfriend who broke my heart. I dreamed and schemed every night of getting even just like Rhea does in the film,” said the model-actress.
And Shenaz who made her Bollywood debut with the Shahid Kapoor starrer ‘Ishq Vishq’ in 2003, said that she is finally getting back with the film. “This guy even had a slimy, fat friend exactly like Gollu who I hated. Also Timmy was his all brawn brother from another mother. I am getting my revenge now, 10 years later,” said Shenaz who also has a guest appearance in it.”Yes, I play this hot nymphomaniac school teacher. I remember having a teacher like that in college,” said the 29-year-old.Other than ‘Luv Ka The End’, an American soap titled ‘One Life To Live’ is keeping her busy. “Yes, I have been on this soap since November and have been shooting almost everyday. I feel blessed being a working actor in New York as I have been acting more than ever,” said Shenaz.Talking about her future plans, Shenaz said, “I would really like to be commissioned to write more scripts. I want ‘Dreading My Wedding’ to get made as soon as possible. I want to host and write a ‘Sex in the City’ type travel show. And of course act in more films, soaps, sitcoms in both Bollywood as well as Hollywood. I want to be a bi-continental working actor and writer.”
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