No Prenup For Paul McCartney Nancy Shevell

The collapse of his second marriage to Heather Mills cost him $50 million, but Beatles legend Paul McCartney reportedly isn’t worried about losing another chunk of his fortune to his soon-to-be third wife, New York businesswoman Nancy Shevell, 51, The couple, who met in the Hamptons in 2007, have reportedly opted not to enter into a prenuptial agreement. Instead, Paul and Nancy have signed off on a brief one-page document, guaranteeing that should their marriage fail, Shevell will have no claim to the trusts of McCartney’s children.

The rest of assets, however, could be up for easy pickins’. And that’s just fine by Paul. After all, Nancy, who happens to be the cousin of news veteran Barbara Walters is a very wealthy woman in her own right. Nancy is already a very successful businesswoman, who is heiress to the trucking empire amassed by her dad, Mike Shevell.
And then there’s the fact that she and Paul, who is 68, are just so damn good together, insiders say.

“They are the perfect couple. And have both had a huge impact on each other.She has once again shown him that falling in love doesn’t have to hurt. This one will last forever. She is the opposite of Heather and hates the public spotlight, plus she doesn’t need his money to live a great life.”

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