Pippa Middleton’s Sexy Pic parks furor in the royal family

Duchess of Cambridge Katherine’s sister Pippa Middleton is the toast of paparazzi at the moment. Kate might have been the bride at the Royal wedding, but it was Pippa who stole all the limelight with her derriere contour making more news than the Bride and the Groom!

The new interest in Pippa also brought about a few skeletons the brunette beauty may have been keeping in her closet. Pippa has been exposed partying in her bra and underwear.

The Middleton family is said to be furious about the whole incident. And it is believed that Kate’s parents will take action over nude pictures of Pippa which they think has been let out by ‘betrayed’ friends.

Any photos or actions that may lead to the embarrassment or humiliation of the Royal family will not be tolerated – which could explain why the photos have been successfully stopped from circulation.

Meanwhile, Pippa’s bikini shots sparked an offer from porn houses to make a video on her and it has even emerged that sex icon Katie Price aka Jordan’s ex Alex Ried wants a date with the royal bridesmaid!
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