Rihanna Snubbed Justin Bieber At Billboard Music Awards

Justin Bieber may have millions of teen girls swooning over his every move, but we’ve long suspected that the baby face and signature floppy bangs just don’t have the same effect on women old enough to legally purchase their own margaritas. (Unless, of course, her name is Kim Kardashian — but that’s a story for another day.) This theory was proven true after Rihanna reportedly rebuffed a visit by the pop hitmaker at last weekend’s Billboard Music Awards (BMAs) in Las Vegas.

The “Baby” singer was desperate to meet with the super-hot songstress after her raunchy stage performance with pop tart Britney Spears, but Ri was having none of it. Even though Bieber should have been with his girlfriend, Disney starlet Selena Gomez, who accompanied him to the awards, he instead spent the night “in awe” of the sexy Barbadian. Rihanna’s security team had to step in and ask the teen to stay away from her after he tried to congratulate her on her performance at the ceremony no fewer than five times throughout the night.

Damn, Justin! What are you — some kind of a pest?

We hear the heartthrob, 17, was left “mortified” after Rihanna, 23, gave him the brushoff — also loosely translated as: “Hit the bricks, kid!”

“Justin went to talk to her at the show [but] her security blocked his path,” an unnamed source chuckled in a scoop to The Daily Mirror this week. “[They told] him to ‘leave it.’ Justin looked mortified — he thought they were buddies.”

This isn’t the first time Justin has been rejected by Rihanna. He asked her out on a date after their first meeting late last year, but was crushed when she told him that he was simply “too young” for her to take seriously.

Selena, on the other hand, seemed thoroughly unimpressed by her beau’s antics at the bash, with the insider adding that the doe-eyed brunette wore a scowl that seemed to represent her displeasure with JB’s dogged pursuit of RiRi.

“Justin thinks Rihanna is the most beautiful woman and supremely talented. He is in awe of her. Justin is just a red-blooded teenager, he can’t help acting like a love-sick puppy dog when he’s around her.”

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