Salman Khan to Get Ferocious, Add Dimension

Salman Khan will star as the protagonist in 'Sher Khan,' a jungle based adventure film to be produced by his brother Sohail Khan that will possibly be shot in 3-D.
Interestingly, it was recently announced that Salman will star in a Yash Raj Films Production titled 'Ek Tha Tiger,' suggesting the star maybe moving on from being not just Dabangg, but also ferocious.
Sher Khan, which is budgeted at Rs 100 crore, will have the "best special effects ever," insiders tell Mid Day.
Sohail has asked Telugu writer Kona Venkat to script the film based on a "one-line story brief of a lion-hearted He-man who lives his life for the world."
The film targets children, but is not a super hero film, and the leading lady has yet to be decided.
"Salman won't be flying in the air. he will be a hero for the kids. It will also be an intense love story -- something that I've wanted to do with bhai for a long time. But we haven't decided on the leading lady yet," says Sohail.
Neither is the film inspired by Tarzan.
"First of all I am not playing Tarzan in the film and it has got nothing to do with the character at all. It is an adventure film based in a jungle," says Salman.
Sources tell the TOI that Sohail wants to make the film in 3-D, but Salman is not so sure.
"I am still working on the script and only after the script develops, we will decide if it has 3D scope or not," Salman told the TOI.
Salman says, "As far as 3D goes, I am not sure. We are definitely thinking about it. However, 3D films have not worked in India and I am not too sure about its market."
Haunted, which released on May 6, is India's first 3-D produced with current state of the art technology. Shirish Kunder's Joker, headlining Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha is also being filmed using 3D. It is slotted for a Christmas Day release.
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