American Idol

Sometimes the “American Idol” audition episodes can seem a little… evil. No, these delusional and talentless “singers” can’t say that they were forced to audition and they can’t say (if they are fans of the show) that they were unaware of the Simon Cowell’s trademark bitchiness, but still… it can be heartbreaking to watch them fail.

One of the most heartbreaking auditions is that of Paula Goodspeed. She turned up on the show brimming with confidence in her voice and personal style. This kind of confidence rarely goes unpunished on TV and the brace-faced Goodspeed, when she confessed her great admiration of pop icon and Idol Judge Paula Abdul (as well as her penchant for drawing life-size portraits of the singer) seemed especially doomed.

After her glass shattering rendition of “Proud Mary,” the judges tore Paula Goodspeed apart, Simon noting that he didn’t think it was possible for anyone to sing with that much metal in their mouth. She got three No’s, even from her own personal American Idol, Abdul, and some months later turned up dead by suicide in an automobile parked by Abdul’s home.

Fortunately, Cowell is no longer on American Idol and has broadened his career to involve criticizing a different set of people on other shows.

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