Angelina Jolie Suffers From Desperate Housewives

Angelina Jolie Suffers
Well-known expert in the fashion industry Sarah Richardson more and more often declares the existence of a new trend that the world stars of show business who are at least 30 years old stick to.

Despite being respectable wives and mothers, many celebrities tend to look like glamorous twenty-year-old beauties even at this age. In addition, the experts have noted that women increasingly reject food for the sake of size zero, getting eating disorders or becoming fanatics of fitness or other kinds of physical activity.

Professor Cary Cooper, a leading psychologist at the University of Lancaster, called this aim the desperate housewives syndrome. But, according to Cooper, this constant desire of mature and successful members of the fairer sex to be able to compete with younger and more demanded girls leads to stress. Cooper discovered such a phenomenon even in the case of 34-year-old Angelina Jolie. The professor has stressed that Angie manages to combine taking care of her six young children with a successful career.

Jolie is also heavily involved in fitness and keeps to a liquid diet. Cooper claims that unhealthy thinness is the result of Jolie’s constant hyperactivity. By the way, Angelina has always denied being obsessed with her weight, saying that she never thinks about the calories and – more than that – she does not diet.

Another icon of the 1990-s generation, 51-year-old Sharon Stone, appeared on the red carpet in Los Angeles in a slinky peach-colored dress. At the same time, Stone stressed her still being the beautiful girl from the “Basic Instinct” movie.

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