Diana Vickers dating George Craig

Sometimes it just seems like there aren’t enough hot men to go around, especially for celebrities. The latest swap around on the merry-go-round of love is the very lucky George Craig.

George was previously dating the lovely Emma Watson. They met last year when they worked on the same fashion shoot for Burberry, but now he has moved on and he is dating none other than Diana Vickers. Jammy cow.

Diana Vickers 200x120 Diana Vickers dating George Craigheat spoke to Diana about George at the Glamour awards she said: “I really like George I’ve been talking to Caleb from Kings of Leon and I can’t repeat what he said to me. I really like George. He’s great. He’s so lovely. We like each other a lot.”

They’ve been going out together for about six months, but have previously been quite subtle about it (perhaps so that Emma Watson doesn’t unfriend George on Facebook) until yesterday.

Diana and George were spotted out at the Beaufort Polo Club yesterday looking very snug together. They didn’t hold back on the public displays of affection either and were even spotted kissing.

Well if you are two beautiful people with flowing locks and the wind is blowing dramatically you’re going to kiss aren’t you? If we were dating George Craig and we had hair like Diana Vickers it’s what we would do. Actually if we were dating George Craig we’d probably do a few other things too…
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