Jilted Groom Hugh Hefner Moves On With Miss January

Don’t cry for Hef! After being left at the altar by his 25-year-old bride-to-be Crystal Harris, Playboy boss Hugh Hefner has hit back at singledom by hooking up with the woman lined up to be his ex’s maid-of-honor: Miss January Anna Sophia Berglund.

In true Playboy fashion, sources claim less than a week after the breakup, Hefner has rebounded with another blonde Playmate; word is Anna Sophia Berglund has become his new “main girl.” Harris and Berglund, also 25, were such close friends that the new favorite had been set to play a leading role in the rebuffed wedding celebrations. Now Berglund has reportedly moved into Hefner’s room at the Playboy Mansion and the unlikely couple have even taken to calling each other “babe.” If it is indeed a new romance, the 85-year-old magazine magnate would at least be dating a slightly older woman than his ex-fiancee. Anna Sophia is 24 days older than Crystal.

Despite the reports of love in the air, Hef maintained his single status on Twitter on Monday afternoon, shortly after notifying Crystal that she’s welcome to keep the pricey engagement ring he presented to her last December. Harris said she tried to return the $90,000, three-carat diamond engagement after she cancelled the wedding — just five days before the event — because “it was the right thing to do.” Hefner, however, reportedly told her she could keep the piece of jewelry, along with the Bentley he gave her.

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