Kim Kardashian Deploys a Decoy

Kim Kardashian Deploys

Kim Kardashian has the perfect solution to a dilemma: How do you flaunt a 20.5 carat, $2 million engagement ring without risking its loss in a mishap?

A source tells Radar Online that Kim has commissioned a top jeweler to make her a 'decoy' of the engagement ring given to her by fiance Kris Humphries. The replica will feature a cubic zirconia instead of a diamond!

Cubic Zirconia, like diamond, is hard, optically flawless and usually colorless. It is hard to tell from a diamond by the untrained eye.

Kim will wear the real ring by Lorraine Schwartz only at special events and use the decoy for daily wear.

"Mind you, the decoy is still going to be pretty valuable! Kim has chosen a great jeweler who specializes in costume jewelry and he's going to make a fantastic replica," says the Radar Online source.

"This isn't going to be some tacky cheap looking bauble like you would win at an arcade, it's going to be absolutely classy and top notch -- just like Kim!"

Kim is not letting reports of her cheating with NFL player Bret Lockett affect her in any way. She told People magazine that fiance Kris is keeping himself involved in everything involved with their upcoming wedding.

"He really wants to get involved in everything," Kim said.

Kim says no wedding theme or date has been finalized yet.

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