Kim Kardashian In Person Admits Bret Lockett

Kim Kardashian In Person

Bret Lockett continues to maintain that there was a physical aspect to his relationship with Kim Kardashian but admits that he has never met the reality star in person.

Talking to CNN's Showbiz Tonight host A.J. Hammer, Bret finally did admit that he has never met Kim face to face but he does not admit to having lied to In Touch magazine.

Elaborating on the physical aspect, Bret says,

"Kim did tell me that she was touching herself in a physical way over the phone towards me. so when I say physical that is what I mean by physical," says Bret.

Bret says the reason they could not meet in person was merely because at that time he was busy with his football season and Kim was busy opening her stores in NYC, Miami and book signings.

When asked if he is going to issue a public apology to Kim and retract some of the claims made by him as demanded by Kim's lawyer in a brand new legal paper obtained by TMZ, Bret said,

"He did not plan to apologize or retract any of the things. What I have said is the complete honest truth. You can't fault somebody for telling the truth."

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