Kim Kardashian Ready to Slap Bret Lockett

Kim Kardashian Ready to Slap

Kim Kardashian's lawyer is drafting a defamation lawsuit against NFL player Bret Lockett.

TMZ sources close to the 30-year-old reality TV star say, "her lawyers are drafting a defamation lawsuit against Lockett and will file it as early as Monday morning."

It all started last week when the current issue of In Touch hit stands with the cover story titled 'Kim Caught Cheating,' tag lined in red: 'Stop the Wedding!'

The story alleges that Kim and Bret had a secret affair behind fiancé Kris Humpries' back for five months, and it was Kim who pursued Bret. Bret claims in the story to have phone records, text messages and intimate cell phone photos of Kim to back his claim.

Kim immediately denied the allegation and took to her website to refute it.

"In Touch Magazine is claiming that I had a five-month secret relationship with this guy… a guy I've never met, spoken to, texted, called or even heard of!" she wrote.

Before publishing the story, In Touch had contacted Kim's publicist who had denied the affair. In a letter dated June 6, Kim's legal rep had warned In Touch that they would face legal action if they ran the story.

The magazine published the story anyway.

Bret Lockett continues to maintain that there was a physical aspect to his relationship with Kim Kardashian despite the fact that he has never met the reality star in person.

Talking to CNN's Showbiz Tonight host A.J. Hammer on Friday, June 10, Bret finally admitted that he has never met Kim face to face but he does not admit to having lied to In Touch magazine.

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