Kim Kardashian Trouble in Paradise Over Cheating Rumors

In Touch's new issue, now on stands, carries a story titled 'Kim Caught Cheating,' with a red tag line: 'Stop the Wedding!'

The story alleges that Kim and Bret had a secret affair behind fiancé Kris Humpries' back for five months, and it was Kim who pursued Bret.

In the story, Bret is quoted, saying, "I knew this was a game to her, and this is what she does. She pursued me."

During the affair Kim and Bret exchanged kinky texts and had wild phone sex.

Speaking to In Touch, Bret slammed Kim's wedding plans saying, "I hope she's happy."

Bret claims to have phone records, text messages and intimate cell phone photos of Kim to back his claim.

Kim slams the allegation on her website saying, "In Touch Magazine is claiming that I had a five-month secret relationship with this guy… a guy I've never met, spoken to, texted, called or even heard of!"

"This guy should be ashamed of himself. Calling up a magazine and making up an entirely fake story just to get attention!?!?!"

Kim says the text message purported to have been sent by her to Bret are fakes.

"The text messages the magazine claims I sent this guy are pathetic. 'Why don't you put in effort to try and make me your girlfriend doll?" I would never talk like that to a guy. They just threw in the word "doll" a few times and tried to make it sound like me. I talk like that to my girlfriends, not to my man," says Kim.

In Touch contacted Kim's publicist before publishing the story, but took no cognizance of Kim's denial of the affair.

In a letter dated June 6, Kim's legal rep warned In Touch that they would face legal action if they ran the story. The tabloid ignored the threat.

Bret is sticking by the In Touch story.

Speaking to, Bret said:

"I'm saying the story in the tabloid is true, and that my relationship with Kim is true as well," he said.

As to the reasons why he spoke with In Touch, Bret says.

"The story was going to be run whether I liked it or not. I don't know how [In Touch stumbled on the story]. I don't know any of that. But all I know is they contacted me saying they knew about my relationship with Kim."

According to Bret, In Touch told him they are going to run the story whether he liked it or not and encouraged him to speak to them saying, "Kim and their publicists are going to be able to make a statement?"

"Either I could have said nothing, and just let it be and then have me look crazy, or I could have told them the full truth and let it be written as told. So that's exactly what I did," says Bret.

There are no twitter messages from Kim's family, or Kris Humphries' in support of Kim.

No legal action has been reported to have been initiated against the magazine or Bret as yet.

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