Lohan Dodges Jail Bullet

We’re going to have to start calling Lindsay Lohan “The Teflon Mean Girl.” Criminal charges just don’t stick to this chicky. Solidifying her place in law history as the “John Gotti of Hollywood,” the celebrity eff-up dodged a lengthy stint in the Los Angeles County Jail for the umpteenth time on Thursday — this despite testing positive for alcohol after a barbeque at her Venice Beach home earlier this month.

Arriving in court weating a striped blue shirt and black pants, paired with a Chanel bag and Balenciaga heels, Lohan was at first reprimanded by Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner before the jurist switched gears entirely and ruled that boozing was, in fact, not a violation of the terms of Lindsay’s probation for a 2007 DUI charge.


According to Judge Sautner, the alcohol test was not enough evidence to prove that Lindsay had violated probation.

“If there is an ambiguity it gets resolved in favor of the defendant,” the judge scolded her. “What you are guilty of is extremely poor judgment – having parties on the roof. You are not allowed to have parties. … You can have one friend over. That is it.”

Lindsay emerged from the Beverly Hills Courthouse beaming.


The actress began serving house arrest on May 26, after pleading no contest to one misdemeanor charge in her felony grand theft trial for a $2,500 necklace. Her house arrest is scheduled to end as early as June 29, just in time for Lohan’s 25th birthday on July 2.

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