Megan Fox to Refresh Wedding Memories

Megan Fox to Refresh Wedding
Megan Fox and husband Brian Austin Green are planning to refresh their wedding memories on their wedding anniversary on June 24 in Hawaii.

The couple is in Hawaii right now for the Maui Film Festival where Fox is being honored for her role in Na Nai’a: Legend of Dolphins and they are thinking about getting their wedding vows renewed under the shining sun. The couple hopes to strengthen their bond by evoking some of the sweetest memories of their life on Hawaii beach.

While talking about her fabulous relationship with Brain, Megan Fox said, “I didn’t think that I was into it until my relationship with Brian. He’s very sensitive and very emotional. He’s a Cancer so he’s very all about feelings and relationships and he cries about everything. He’ll want to do it, so I’ll do it for him.”
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