Middletons Invest In Bomb-Proof Car For Rising Star Pippa

The Royal In-Laws are beefing up security for the youngest of their two daughters — Pilates-lovin’ party planner Pippa Middleton — as the 27-year-old socialite quickly becomes one of the most written about bachelorettes on the Planet.

Michael and Carole Middleton, the parents of Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, have invested in an armor-plated, bomb-proof car for Pippa to assauge fears that her sudden surge in popularity will make her a prime target for obsessed fans and terrorists. The Middletons plan to fork over nearly $150,000 on a bullet-proof Audi or BMW for Pippa in the coming weeks, squeals tell The Sun. Pippa is not guarded by the royal protection police service that protects her sister, so Prince William’s bodyguards reportedly advised Pippa’s millionaire parents, who run a successful party supplies business, to boost their daughter’s security.

Pippa’s become the object of affection for a host of high-profile men — including crooners like Usher, Justin Bieber, and Justin Timberlake — since making her international debut as chief bridesmaid at the royal wedding last April. We hear the middle Middleton Kid already carries a panic button that is linked to the police in case of an emergency.

It sounds like Pippa could benefit from investing in a few cans of pepper spray.

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