Preity Zinta Turns Film Producer

Preity Zinta has launched her own production banner, PZNZ Media, and is all set to produce her first film this year, a romcom to be directed by Prem Soni.

Preity, who has yet to pick the cast for the film, tells HT a formal announcement will be made soon. A part of the film will be shot abroad, but strictly on a budget.

Preity is confident that she will succeed as a producer because she can work hard and has the right instinct when it comes to film scripts.

"It's an instinct for choosing the right movie that'd got me where I am today," she points out.

A friend prompted Preity to turn film producer, pointing out that she had jumped into IPL without knowing anything about cricket so she could certainly produce a film.

"Of course, after that I took a course at the Harvard Business School, asked a million questions and gave two years to the game. Film is my core competence and it should be easier focusing on it," Preity says.

Returning back to her comfort zone of film, Preity is elated.

"Suddenly, the sky is bluer, the birds are singing and life is so cool," she says.

Prem Soni's last film, Main Aur Mrs Khanna, headlining Salman Khan bombed at the box office, but Preity is unfazed.

"I'd rather work with someone who's fallen down hard than someone who's at the top because he's driven to go out there and prove a point to the world. Even Imtiaz Ali's first film, Socha Na Tha, wasn't a blockbuster but today everyone wants to work with him," Preity says.

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