Prince William & Princess Catherine Are Hiring Servants

All hands on deck needed at Kensington Palace! Prince William and Princess Catherine — the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge — have issued a call for a few new servants to help them keep their new apartment at Kensington Palace tidy.

According to a job description floating around the Interwebs, The Royal Couple are currently hiring a housekeeper and dresser. The new staff members will be present to ensure the smooth running of the household, and helping with daily housekeeping tasks. Fashion fans, needn’t worry, dresser will have no say into Kate’s wardrobe – she will continue to style herself!

For William, it will be a return to the place he lived with his brother Prince Harry and their mother Diana, Princess of Wales, after her divorce from Prince Charles in the mid-’90s. Currently, when they are in the capital, William and Kate share an apartment at Clarence House with Prince Harry.

“It’s a combined position,” a source tells Us Weekly. “The staff member will not be involved in choosing any clothes for Kate; it’s simply ironing, cleaning and keeping in order. The housekeeper will help with errands and keeping the apartment in order.”

The princess will personally interview the candidates herself and is likely to hire someone before the couple embark on their tour of North America, which starts in Canada next month.

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