RoboCop Vs The Fast and the Furious

1987’s RoboCop was one of those movies that wasn’t necessarily the number one Eighties action flick, but that played an absolutely crucial role in the delicate popular culture continuum of the decade. Imagine, if you will, the Sixties without The Mamas & the Papas, or the Seventies without bad haircuts or the color orange. It would take away a vital part of the times. This is the case with RoboCop. It was a great movie. RoboCop himself was a half-man-half-machine policeman from the future, with a penchant for delivering justice the hard way and taking crap from no one.

Were RoboCop to exist in world of The Fast and The Furious, we dare say the smug grins would be wiped rapidly off the faces of Vin Diesel and his flatulent buddies as they got served some brutal justice for doing 55 in a 40 zone, an activity they seem particularly proficient at in the boring 2001 movie about illegal street racing. Vin Diesel would cry like a toddler. And we would laugh our asses off.
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